Mother and Daughters: Part 5

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

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Violet was about to lose her virginity to her mom- to her wife.  After the ceremony the three women had gone out to a very fancy dinner.  Lily had thought of every detail, from the flowers on the table, to the wedding cake for dessert.  Violet was so grateful to have her, including now as she gave her sister a pep talk.  “I know you’re nervous, but it’s going to be incredible,” Lily said, brushing her sister’s hair out of the braids.  Their mother was in the shower, giving the sisters one final chance to talk.  “I am going to leave you two alone tonight; it’s important that you have time alone together to celebrate your marriage.  We can talk tomorrow, when it’s over- I can’t wait to hear all the details,” Lily teased with a grin.  Violet grinned back, her sister’s sense of humour, as always, reassuring her. 

Lily gave Violet one final kiss, then leaving her alone with her thoughts in the master bedroom.  Violet heard the shower turn off, and her mother step out.  She felt like the butterflies in her tummy would carry her away before her mother could even touch her.  Violet was wearing a simple white satin nightgown, picked out by her sister.  She fiddled with the hem as she waited for what seemed like a year for her mother to come out of the bathroom.  At long last, the door opened, and her mom stepped out of the steamy room.  It took Violet a moment to realize that she was naked.

She could feel her cheeks blushing as her mom closed the gap between them.  “You look beautiful, Violet,” Cherie said, kissing her daughter deeply.  Violet could feel warmth radiating from her mom’s body as she kissed her.  She found herself relaxing into her mom’s kiss, some of her anxiety dissipating as her tongue found her mom’s.  “I want you to feel good, sweetie,” Cherie said, cupping her daughter’s face, “I am so lucky that you married me today, and am so grateful that you are giving me your virginity.  I know you must be nervous; I want you to relax, and let your mom take care of you, okay?” Violet let herself be led over to the giant bed, and obediently put her arms over her head for her mom to undress her.  “Yes, mom.  I know that you’ll take care of me,” Violet whispered, and knew as soon as she said the words that they were true.

Cherie laid Violet on the bed, gently running her hands over her daughter’s naked body for the first time.  Violet shivered under her mom’s touch, a bundle of nerves and arousal.  She could already feel wetness between her legs, and her mom had barely touched her.  Cherie took her time kissing Violet, letting her daughter ease into the moment.  Violet felt her mom’s fingers first teasing her nipples as they kissed, and was surprised at how natural it felt.  “That’s it, let it feel good,” Cherie coached, and Violet could feel herself relax even more. 

Violet could feel her mother’s breasts pressing into her, and reached up to cup one of them.  It was soft, and Violet liked the way her mom moaned as she squeezed.  “Open your legs, Violet,” Cherie whispered intimately, finishing her request with a delicate kiss.  Violet felt like her body was melting, her legs easily falling open at her mom’s request.  When her mom’s fingers grazed her clit for the first time, Violet gasped.  She had masturbated countless times (often while listening to her mom and sister), but having someone else- let alone her own mom- touch her in such an intimate place was incredible.  Violet kissed her mom deeper, becoming hungrier for connection as her mom started to rub her clit.  She wrapped her arms around her, bringing her mom’s body close to hers, pressing their breasts together.  “Mom, it feels so good,” Violet moaned, opening her legs even wider for her mom.  “I know, baby,” Cherie said, “you deserve it.”  Violet felt her mom’s fingers leave her clit, trailing down her slit to press against her virgin hole.  “Your pussy is soaked, sweetie.  Are you ready for my fingers?” 

“Yes, mom, please,” Violet whined, feeling desperate for stimulation.  She felt her mom press two fingers inside her, and cried out at the pressure.  “You’re so tight, Violet, just relax.  I will use my fingers before I use anything else…it won’t hurt.”  Violet looked Cherie in the eyes, seeing the lifelong sincerity and trust of her mother.  She relaxed, flexing her hips around her mom’s fingers and moaning as she felt movement inside her.  “That’s it, good girl, just relax,” Cherie said, gently moving her fingers in and out of her daughter.  Violet started moaning more urgently, feeling her pussy dripping with each insertion of her mom’s fingers. 

“Your virginity is such a gift, Violet,” Cherie said as she worked her daughter’s pussy.  Violet felt her mom’s fingers move below her pussy, and felt momentarily confused until she felt pressure on her asshole.  “I know it can be scary to lose your virginity, but it’s perfectly natural to lose it to your mom.  Now that we are married, you can give all of yourself to me,” she continued, gently pressing onto Violet’s asshole.  Violet wondered if her mom was mistaken, perhaps not realizing what she was doing.  That thought was soon abandoned as her mom kept speaking.  “I want to have all of you, Violet, forever.  I will love you as my wife, and my daughter, and will always take care of you.  Will you give yourself to me, sweetie?  All of yourself?” she asked, punctuating the ask by increasing pressure on Violet’s asshole. 

Violet was so preoccupied with the thought of losing her vaginal virginity, that she had never even considered anal.  She looked into her mom’s eyes, seeing lust and love staring back at her.  “Mom, I’m scared,” she said honestly as her mom continued to play with her ass.  “I know, baby, it’s okay to be scared.  I am going to take care of you, remember? If you give me this gift, I will cherish it- and you- forever.  If you aren’t ready, that’s okay too- I don’t want to pressure you, Violet.  I just want you, in every way that you will give me.” 

Violet was touched by her mom’s words, and relieved that she was able to say no.  As she thought about it, though, she realized that she didn’t want to say no.  Yes, she was scared, but she knew that she could be in no better hands than her mom’s.  She knew that her mom would be gentle, and she desperately wanted to be connected to her in every way.  “I am yours, mom- your daughter, and your wife.  I want to give you every part of me, I want you to have my virginity forever- all of it,” Violet said, sitting up slightly to kiss her mom deeply. 

“Thank you, Violet.  I am so proud of you- and so attracted to you.  I can’t wait to explore every inch of your body.  Lay back, and let me make you feel good.  Don’t be scared, I’ve got you,” Cherie said, teasing her daughter’s nipples and cupping each of her full breasts before gently pushing her back down on the bed.  Violet felt her mom’s fingers exploring her pussy again, pressing in and out of her hole.  They stroked her throbbing clit, making Violet realize how close to the edge she was.  “Mom, don’t stop…I’m gonna cum!” Violet said urgently.  Cherie just smiled, and continued to stroke her daughter’s clit until she screamed.

“Good girl, you are absolutely gorgeous when you cum,” Cherie said as Violet breathed heavily.  Cherie licked her fingers, tasting her daughter for the first time.  “You taste delicious,” she said, making Violet blush.  While Violet took a beat to recover, Cherie stepped into her strap-on harness.  Violet watched her apprehensively, until she turned back toward her.  “It’s small,” Cherie reassured her, “it won’t hurt.  Are you ready?” 

“Yes, mom, please take my virginity,” Violet said.  She had never been more sure of anything in her life.  She laid still as her mother mounted her, gently sliding the dildo into her virgin pussy.  There was a moment of sharp pain that caused Violet to wince, but once her mom started to move slowly back and forth, it started to feel absolutely amazing.  “Mom, yes,” Violet moaned, grinding her hips against her mother as the dildo entered her.  “Good girl, you are doing so well,” Cherie encouraged, moving faster as Violet acclimated.  Violet couldn’t believe how amazing her mom was making her feel; if she had known that sex would feel like this, she would’ve tried it years ago. 

Her second orgasm built slowly, the result of her mom’s deliberate and methodical thrusts of the dildo inside her pussy.  Her mom’s fingers returned to her clit, providing added stimulation to push Violet to the edge.  This time when she came, her mom pressed the dildo far inside her, leaning over her to swallow her moan in a kiss.  Violet was winded and completely sated; she had never felt closer to her mom.  Cherie pulled the dildo out of her daughter, marveling at how it glistened with her wetness.  She licked it up and down, bending to then kiss her daughter.  “See, you taste so good,” she said, sharing her daughter’s cum with her. 

“I want to taste you, mom,” Violet whispered shyly.  Cherie smiled, no doubt pleased by her daughter’s enthusiasm.  “Well of course you can, sweetie,” she said.  “Why don’t you taste me while I keep playing with your holes.”  Violet nodded, not having enough experience to be sure about what her mom meant.  Things soon became clear as her mom swung one of her legs over Violet’s head, stationing her pussy over Violet’s head. 

Violet looked up, seeing her mom up close for the first time.  She could see wetness glistening along her folds, and found herself desperate to taste it.  She grabbed her mom by the ass, bringing her pussy down to her mouth.  She licked her tentatively, delighting in the salty sweet taste.  She stuck her tongue deeper, feeling her mom’s hard clit with the tip.  When her mom moaned, it sounded just like when she was with Lily.  “That’s it, baby, taste your mom.  Your tongue feels so good,” Cherie purred, starting to grind her hips on her daughter’s face.  Violet knew that she must be doing something right, and kept licking.

Her focus was split when her mom started to stroke her clit again.  She felt her mom spreading her wetness all along her slit, down to her asshole.  Violet tensed, realizing what was coming next.  “Just relax, sweetie, let your mom explore.  Just focus on sucking my clit, Violet, I will take care of you,” Cherie encouraged.  Violet took her mom’s advice, focusing as much as she could on exploring her mom’s sweet-smelling pussy.  Her mom pressed a finger inside her asshole first, just the tip.  She was so gentle that Violet wasn’t even sure that she had penetrated her.  Her mom wiggled her finger a bit, and the sensation was like nothing Violet had ever felt. She found herself hoping that her mom would press further in.  Her wish was soon granted, with her mom’s finger pressing into her knuckle by knuckle, until the entire finger was buried inside her.  “You are taking it so well, Violet, I am so proud of you,” Cherie said through the moans that Violet was teasing out of her through her pussy.

Violet felt something cold and slippery press against her now, and refocused on her mom’s pussy.  The thin plug slid inside her gently, her mom encouraging her to relax around it as she took the last inch.  Violet had never felt so full- or at least she had thought, until her mom put the dildo back in her pussy.  The sensation was absolutely incredible; Violet felt like she would rip in half from the sheer pleasure between her legs.  Her mom gently thrusted the dildo in and out of her pussy, wiggling the plug ever so slightly as she did so.  She licked Violet’s clit as she played, completely overwhelming her daughter.  Violet channeled her pleasure into her mother through her tongue, redoubling her efforts to explore her mom’s pussy.  “Yes, baby, that’s it…you’re going to make me cum,” Cherie said breathlessly, manipulating her daughter’s holes as she grinded her hips on her face.  “Me too, mom,” Violet moaned into her mom’s pussy. 

Mother and daughter came together for the first of many times that night, both of them screaming into the other’s pussy. 

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