Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 5&6

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here, Chapter 5 Lexi’s mouth closed around me.  It was softer, more tentative than her mother’s.  She gently sucked the tip of my cock, looking up at me from under her eyelashes.  I could literally feel my knees go weak.  “God, Lexi,” IContinue reading “Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 5&6”

Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 3&4

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here, Chapter 3 Lexi and I locked eyes just as Crystal swallowed me yet again.  Crystal’s back was to her daughter, so she didn’t realize that we were being watched.  I swallowed hard- almost as hard as Crystal on my cock.  Lexi stoodContinue reading “Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 3&4”

Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 1&2

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Chapter 1 It had been almost a week since my cock was inside my girlfriend- and her mother.  Five days of working at my summer job as usual, talking on the phone with Lexi at night.  When her mom Crystal would answer the phone, she wasContinue reading “Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 1&2”

Storytime with The Professor

The Professor is an excellent storyteller.  Whether it be about his work, hobbies, his family, or his sexcapades, he has a way of capturing your attention and investment.  He teases his audience, building tension and interest, in no apparent rush to get to the much-anticipated climax.  This week, he took that to an entirely newContinue reading “Storytime with The Professor”

Learning to Cum, Part 2: Let it feel good

Read part 1 here. My body tensed in anticipation of his touch- where was he going to start?  I could feel his presence next to me- a quiet calm.  It was his voice I heard first.  “Relax your body,” he said, his voice gentle but even.  I unclenched my fists (when did I make fists?),Continue reading “Learning to Cum, Part 2: Let it feel good”